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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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heroes rush in. >> as this fiery crash unfolds. >> how a bus driver and passengers make for one brave team. divers come across a beautiful creature that -- >> appears to be swimming but not really going anywhere. >> what they discovered that set a manta ray fee free.
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it. karma has a different plan. and why lucy is the master of the side eye. >> she's like, yes, get off my space. complete horror as this fiery crash up folds. these people are in china. there are three passengers in the car and a bus driver and his passengers have rushed in to rescue them. reports are that the driver lost control and hit a pole. >> because of their quick actions, they were able to the car. one was trapped behind the wheel and unfortunately they weren't able to save him. moving to dash camera footage from a police car in suddenly --
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>> yeah. luckily, the officers were there when it happened. not sure what caused it but the car rolls down the bank and the officers were able to rescue this person. as they pull the person up to the side of the road, the car goes up in flames. >> that's incredibly lucky that you happen to go off the road in front of a police car and were able to get rescued before the fire consumed the car. >> there was no time to waste. had it taken up another two seconds it would have been a completely different story. >> not that person's time. on the slopes in this mountain in france in three, two, one. it's beautiful, it's pristine, look at all the white snow. perfect to cut a new line. >> uh-oh.
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that's him barely missing crossing into the area under the snow. he's under the white snow for a while until the camera pulls over. he manages to stay above the snow as it starts to slow down and settle. >> how does he do that? >> he grew wings. >> the man had one of the air bags. >> he kind of did, actually. look at him down there. it looks like he does have wings, but that's because he had one of the avalanche air bags. and he -- it looks like he was able to deploy it and it kept him afloat. >> wow. those things are designed to sense that kind of movement. and it just floats you to the top of the snow. it worked perfectly in the situation. >> luckily he had the proper gear and he was able to ride that down. it kind of ruined his line down
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>> it could have been worse. stuff like this just breaks my heart. a bunch of divers in dossel bay, philippines, have been out on several dives. towards the end of their second dive they spot the giant manta ray that is gorgeous. it appears to be swimming but not going anywhere. the the manta is heavily entangled in fishing line. this dive goes from a pleasure dive to rescue dive. when you see the closer shots of the manta, you realize how endangereded this thing was. the diver here is trying to gain the trust of this large sea creature putting his hand out trying to calm it down. >> yeah, it could be very dangerous for him as well. >> once the diver gets closer you do see that perspective of size. gets above, gets out the knife and starts cutting away at the line. if you look close, you can see the fishing line is quite heavy. >> yeah, it's tangled pretty good there.
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around its mouth. it's going to die soon. >> it is. almost looks like it had the mouth of the animal sewn shut. not only that, the cut in the manta's fins are not natural. those cuts are from the fishing line. >> so it started to slit the fin in half. ow. >> the divers were successful in their attempts here at freeing this animal. and i don't think i could have said it any better than the description on annika allen's page, it was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. >> we suck. >> we sure do. today we're going to have a lesson on karma. and i don't think there could be anything worse for your general karma in the universe than desecrating a religious building.
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>> that's what's happening in the first video as three guys have broken into the mosque in blackburn, england, where you can see all three of them working together as a team to just ruin their general karma as they're pushing this safe across the floor. these three guys are robbing the local mosque. >> that sounds like these guys knew what was in there. you don't just randomly break into a mosque knowing that they've got a safe, where it is, that it's not bolted down. >> police are now looking for these guys. hopefully karma will catch up with those guys. now the karma lesson continues as we head over to russia. this guy walks into this jewelry store and just starts smashing up everything he can see. the lady that works in the jewelry store cowering in the corner as this guy just grabs about $5700 u.s. dollars worth of jewels.
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just stay away, take the jewels and keep it going. >> karma comes to kick this guy squarely in the man region in about three seconds. because as he grabs his jewels and turns around -- slunk! as he was robbing the place, security had spotted what was happening and he turns around and the clunk in front of him! now he's trapped inside. you see as he struggles to pull the door, it is kind of unhinged at the bottom, he's banging against it and eventually he sort of wiggles his way through the small gap. but security there takes him to the ground. and we do get a look later at the helpless thief sitting behind bars. >> oh, no. >> no way. >> talk about the door hinge, that was a good one. a ripped machine like no other. >> part motorcycle, part batman
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it appears. closed captioning provided by -- s ody. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. really love the internet. and this job. part motorcycle, part batman, part joker. this is the polaris slingshot x.
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rip machine. but this particular slingshot has been heavily modified. 400-plus horsepower, turbo charmed and the guy behind the wheel, tanner fouth, just knows how to turn the wheel just right to make this thing sing and dance to the streets of san diego. whoo! >> if anything is defined super cool, this is it. >> just listen to this thing. >> one wheel on the back just makes it maneuverable. >> he is a championship race car driver, drifter and host of the "american gear show." i love this part here. watch tanner here as he just basically threads this thing up the roundabout and manages to
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>> this would be the exact wrong time to be a day walker in san diego. >> the polaris slingshot starts around $22,500. higher versions are near $26,500. the one tanner is driving has been massaged a bit. but you can go out and register it like a motorcycle. >> that's awesome. are we going to do this? let's aic take a picture. >> this guy is learning that taking a passport with his son, and it is way past his bedtime, it's the hardest thing he's had to do. the kid looks like he's sleepy. >> along look at his eyes, they are gigantic and ghastly. he just wants to fall asleep. >> you have to look straight. >> in the entire video you can there.
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they provide this quasi diagram where your eyes need to go, where your face needs to be. >> you see it's the scream, that's the thing, it's like an ipad in front -- all you want to do is look down and press buttons. >> no, no, we have to line it up and then i'll press it, okay? you tell me when you're ready. >> apparently dad was in there for 45 minutes. >> just do a normal mouth. don't pick your nose. >> eventually, at the very end, they do get their shot. >> we took a photo, yay! >> we took a photo! >> but he is still cute so he can get away with it. just like this little girl is adorable. everyone she's meeting she's waving to. >> and they are waving back. that's the great thing. >> the best part is that she finds this couple over here, watch this moment, it's not just a wave. she gets a hug, too. the video is so precious it has tens of millions of views.
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>> it does. new york. chicago had their own viral video the other day. well, taipei doesn't want to be left out. mall. >> we have all tried that. >> i guess he had a pretty busy chinese new year and had too many of the snacks. he's trying to work it off. it's not the year of the rat but the year of the rat video. i guess so. he goes back to get a glimpse of this guy. has anybody seen the top of this bloody mountain? >> he makes it. >> i've never felt bad for a rat until now. >> treadmill for a rat. just like what you would put in a hamster came. the wheels are the same thing. >> it's a curious thing to see, especially in this mall. that's why this video is just
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now over in asia. an elderly man is trying to cross the train tracks. >> come on, come on. >> but see what happens next. >> whoo! plus, check this out. i'm really good. what does the elephant say? and what does the -- say? >> if you are struggling to keep your kids' craft supplies in order, jessica has a solution for you. >> i have to believe it is more fun to put your stuff away when you put it in something like that. odiu m multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating.
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impatience can kill! almost in this video. dash cam in belarus. car comes up to the teeny sign to let you know people are crossing the road here. the car slows down with a couping pedestrians crossing the road. that's a young man and a police officer right behind him. whoa! yeah, the jerk in the the van decided it was too busy to slow down decided to go into the snowy left-hand side of the road. the guy grabbing the young kid there trying to shield him from the full impact of that van. thankfully, they both pop to their feet. the kid in the blue jacket is limping a bit. the guy goes to open the door and then the video cuts. in my mind the guy that opened the door took that driver and just went -- you so stupid!
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about his day. >> i feel a little better. this is a rail utility vehicle. up ahead they see this old guy who had been fishing off to the right trying to cross the tracks back to what i believe is his car right there to the left. [ horn sounding ] you're welcome. >> you know, you don't know, he may have hearing issues, maybe his sight is not that good. he's just trying to get back to his car. >> it's happening in sweden. the folks inside this machinery here saw the train coming up ahead. instantly hit the horn. thankfully, that alerted the guy to say, okay, maybe i ain't going to make it. finally, finally, i get to play, too. here's a how-to video from jessica holt. for once she's not making food i'm allergic to. she's making animal noises.
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rooster say? and what does the bunny say? the bunny says -- what's up doc? >> but that's not the only thing we are learning how to do today because she's going to be solving a problem that is a problem in just about every single house in the world. storage. >> today we're going to make these cute little jars for kids' craft supplies. first you're going to need a jar. i'm using a pickle jar. so it smells like pickles, maybe i should wash it out again. >> get yourself a jar, a used jar, pickle jar, salsa jar. then it is actually quite simple. >> grab your spray paint and spray paint your plastic animal and lid. >> quite simply get super glue, super glue it to the top and this is how you end up with this. >> super clever and super cute. >> for what, small kids' toys or what are we putting in there?
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on the way, let's ask her. whoo! oh, cool, more goodies for you here, it seems. >> we have lots of stuff. >> so nick was asking, what are we putting in here? >> kids' craft stuff. kids love to color, they love to draw, cut and make all this stuff. so where are you going to put this stuff? put them in these and they are decoration and super cute, too. if you wanted to, we can all put stuff in here right now. >> i think that's great. >> trust me, all of this stuff usually just ends up in a drawer all mixed up. and who do you think has to sort it out every couple of weeks? >> i have to believe it's a little more fun for kids to put their stuff away when they get to put it in stuff like this. >> it does smell like pickles. >> my niece would tell me i need the green jar and the green crayon to go in the green jar.
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didn't take it out of the package and shoved it in there. >> i desperately seek order. >> this is cool. >> i'm glad that you guys like it. do you guys want to make it at home, go to and click on tv show. this little kitty got curious. >> and heads over to whatever the noise is. >> see what startled this cat. >> it's like hearing a noise in
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your favorite pant to the tailor, tape them up. >> that's an old school hack. enjoying somberry e barrys berries and cherries.
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instead it startled the heck out of it. >> see the kitty in this video is kind of just hanging out. probably hears something and heads toward whatever the noise is. something lurking. >> bird? bat? just wait for it, my friend. a snake? a frog? a much bigger cat. oh! >> it is a -- it is a much bigger cat. this kitty gets away from this mountain lion, but it is just so funny to watch it all go down. >> it's like hearing a noise in your heart and investigating to find a 10-foot-person in your house. the dogs in this video are guilty. or at least one of them is. >> who chewed this up, was it you?
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>> are you naughty? >> guess who did it? >> try to blend in with the wall. >> the dog is super goofy. instead of facing up to it, just put your face in the corner. but check out the massive side eye it gives its owner. >> was it you? you are naughty. >> yes, get out of my face. i love animals. they're awesome. thanks for joining us.
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violence breaks out at a trump rally in chicago. thousands taking to the streets protesting afterwards. how those protests will affect a poosible rally here in cincinnati. meanwhile ohio governor john kasich is holding a pancake breakfast in sharonville.we'll have a live report coming up in just minutes. good morning tri state weekend starts right now , good morning tri state...i'm


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